Object of the Month – November 2016

November’s Object of the Month is a flint dagger over 4,000 years old. It has been chosen as Object of the Month by Carolyn Wingfield, Curator. The dagger was made by a skilled prehistoric flint-knapper and its significance was drawn to the museum’s attention by Hazel Martingell, a specialist in prehistoric flint and stone artefacts…. Read More »

Pacific Arts Association

Yesterday, we welcomed delegates from the Pacific Arts Association’s annual conference to the museum to view objects from our world cultures collections. The Pacific Arts Association is an international organisation devoted to the study of all the arts of Oceania.  The Pacific Arts Association – Europe hold an annual conference, which this year was held… Read More »

Stepping back 1000 years!

Over the past few weeks, the museum has been celebrating and commemorating the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Assandun. In 1016, the Anglo-Saxons fought the Danes (Vikings), under their leader Cnut, at a place called Assandun in Essex. Cnut was victorious and soon after the battle he became king of all England. Historians have… Read More »

My Museum: Jill Knight

Museum shares the experiences of our staff, volunteers and interns of working at Saffron Walden Museum. Jill has various roles in the museum, including Welcome Desk Volunteer, Collections Volunteer and Museum Assistant. “I’ve been involved with Saffron Walden Museum since December 2014, when I arrived as a volunteer to work on the Welcome Desk. This… Read More »