Object of the Month – November 2022

The Museum’s ‘Object of the Month’ provides an opportunity to explore interesting and unusual objects from our stores. 

November’s Object of the Month is a selection of objects from ‘The Arkesden Hoard’, chosen and researched by volunteer Joanne Pegrum.

Dating to the Late Bronze Age (1000 – 800 BCE), the hoard is a collection of bronze objects discovered in Arkesden, Essex in 1872. The hoard was originally found buried in a bucket-shaped hole by workers during land draining works. It was initially shared out between them but subsequently recovered by antiquarians.

The hoard consists of mostly broken or damaged pieces of axes, spearheads, sword blades and bronze ingots.

November’s Object of the Month highlights three of these objects: a socketed axe, part of a ‘palstave’ which is an axe more typical of the Middle Bronze Age and a bronze ingot.

(Pictured below): Late Bronze Age socketed axe. © Saffron Walden Museum

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