All Fired Up Exhibition – Thanks & Credits







Special Thanks to:

Museum staff & volunteers

Peter Morrissey & the Saffron Walden Community Shed

Essex Fire Museum (Essex County Fire and Rescue Service)

Saffron Walden Fire Station (Essex County Fire and Rescue Service)

Martyn Everett & the Gibson Library

Zofia Everett & the Archive Access point for ERO (SW Library), SEAX

Paul Start, Walden Collection

Steve Scorer, Great Dunmow Museum

Austin Reeve, Dunmow Recorder

Fiona Bengtsen, Manuden Recorder

Jacky Cooper, Clavering Recorder & SW Local History Society & Recorder co-ordinator

Mark Ratcliff, Hatfield Regis Local History Society

Kate McManus, Chesterfords Recorder

Toby Lyons, Stansted (via Local History recorders network)

Neil Curtis, current Watch Manager and firefighters at Station 79, Saffron Walden, EF&RS

Dave Curtis, former Chief Officer, Station 79, Saffron Walden, EF&RS


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