Blog Post : Haunted Halloween Happenings

Here’s a few historic local ghost sightings….as Halloween is upon us….

Do you have any local ghost stories you would like to share with us?

Cromwellian soldiers have been reported to stalk both the Cross Keys Hotel and the Old Sun Inn, moving furniture and banging on the walls. The spooky cellar at The Maltings in Myddylton Place and Audley End can’t be without a few ghost stories. A Victorian maid called Nelly is said to haunt Hill House and there have been ghostly sightings of a woman on the bridge in South Road. In 1885, recently deceased Mrs de Freville was reportedly seen by a gardener to have visited her husband’s grave in Hinxton churchyard. The old area of Cuckingstoole End is believed to be visited by the ghostly presence of Samuel Moss, dressed in his mid-19th century corduroys, a cloth cap and red neckerchief, sucking an old bit of clay pipe and carrying a scythe over his right shoulder. In the 1990s it was reported on the B1052, between Saffron Walden and Hadstock that the ghostly apparition of a USAAF pilot appeared in the back seat of a woman’s car, as she drove past the scene of his 1943 plane crash.

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