Object of the Month – June 2022

June’s object of the month celebrates the Lost Language of Nature project, with repair work to this hen harrier. With Lost Language of Nature, we want to hear your stories about wildlife and nature in your life, or rhymes, songs and sayings for all kinds of animals that you might have heard from parents or… Read More »

Platinum Jubilee display: Straw Plait Crown

On display in the museum over the Platinum Jubilee weekend is this straw plait crown. It was made in 1953 for the Queen’s Coronation celebrations by Thomas Thake the donor’s grandfather. It was hung from the screen in Wimbish church during the harvest festival after the Coronation. Thomas (Tom) Thake was a thatcher, builder and… Read More »

Platinum Jubilee display: Textile Sample for Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Dress

  On display in the museum over the Platinum Jubilee weekend is this framed sample of the material used to make Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation dress. The coronation was held on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, watched by 3 million spectators and a further 20 million following the event at home. The sample was… Read More »

Artist Commission Call For Proposals: The Lost Language of Nature Project

Call For Proposals Artist Commission 2022: Saffron Walden Museum The Lost Language of Nature Project We’re thrilled to announce an artistic commission with Essex Cultural Diversity Project, to engage and work with diverse local communities on a nature- and language- based artwork. Essex Cultural Diversity Project and Saffron Walden Museum invite proposals from creative practitioners… Read More »

Object of the Month – May 2022

Butterflies to See in May Two drawers of British butterflies are our ‘Objects of the Month’ for May. They contain some of the butterflies that you might spot visiting your garden or local park during May. These butterfly species are the Brimstone, Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Orange-tip, Peacock, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Small White and… Read More »

The Hadstock ‘Daneskin’ – new research on an old mystery

One of the exciting research projects to involve Museum collections has featured the scrap of alleged ‘Viking skin’ from the ancient north door of St Botolph’s Church, Hadstock. Local folklore holds that it came from a Viking who was flayed alive as a punishment for raiding the Church. Similar stories of so-called ‘Daneskins’ are associated… Read More »

Up in Flames : the lost Roman treasures of Bartlow Hills

The current exhibition All Fired Up! prompts us to consider the local history which has been lost in fires. The fire of 1847 at Great Easton Lodge destroyed some of the most remarkable Roman artefacts ever discovered in the area, from the lavish burials under mounds of Romano-British aristocrats at Bartlow Hills, on the Essex… Read More »

Greater in Spirit, Larger in Outlook

Hot off the press is the news that Epping Forest District Museum in Waltham Abbey and Saffron Walden Museum have received an Arts Council National Lottery project grant of £100,000 to work in partnership on their world culture collections. The aim of the project is to ensure the museums and their collections reflect their diverse… Read More »