Here at Saffron Walden Museum we have a range of activities, events and interactive sessions for families and children.  Have a look at some of the things you can explore and do during your visit:

Activity Trails

The museum has a selection of Activity Trails and the Explorer Backpacks, which you can use as you go around the Museum

We also have the Kids Museum Map, which you can download before your visit. Follow the map around the museum, completing activities or answering questions as you go!

Download the  kids museum map  (16MB)



Activities within the Museum

We want you to get hands-on with history so there are plenty of interactive activities around the museum.

In our furniture gallery, you can have a go at building a timber-framed Tudor house, just like many of the houses you can see in north-west Essex!

Or in our Local History Gallery, you can try your hand at laying model bricks in Tudor building styles.




Our sandpit, in the Great Hall, is filled with amazing archaeological treasure for you to excavate. Use the brushes to see what you can discover!





In the Geology gallery, our mega-magnifiers help you get a close-up view of some of the fossils and rocks on display!





Our Discovery Centre is filled with activities for to help you explore and interact with nature. You can even say hello to our resident family of live stick insects! Our microscope lets you take a really zoomed-in look at some of our natural history specimens and you can choose from dozens of specimens, like skulls, beetles and plants.



Holiday Activities

We run activities for families, inspired by our collections, in every school holiday – there’s something for everybody!

See our what’s on pages for more information.