Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Workshops

*New* (This is for KS1 and 2) How Museums Work

Learn about the journey of an object once it is donated to a museum, see inside the museum stores, learn how to write object labels and prepare your own mini exhibition

*NEW* British Prehistory

See and touch real stone tools, bronze and iron weapons and other objects from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in Britain. Learn the beginnings of chronology and see what life was like for Britain’s first people.

*New* Romans

Be detectives for the day. Come and investigate everyday life and death in Roman Britain through real and replica objects. Take part in an object quiz, hear the story of Boudicca and see just how much the Romans did for us and compare their new ideas with the traditions of Celtic life in Britain.

*New* The Local History of Saffron Walden

From the formation of the rock beneath our feet millions of years ago to plans for the future of Saffron Walden, this session takes pupils on an exciting journey through Saffron Walden’s History. Through historical maps and artefacts, find out how Prehistoric peoples, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Tudors, Victorians and many more groups of people have made the town what it is today.

Ancient Egypt

Discover the secrets of embalming and mummification in this lively and popular handling session, using real Ancient Egyptian artefacts including a canopic jar and a heart scarab. Find out how perishable materials have survived and why Egyptians went to such great lengths to prepare for the afterlife.

Ancient Greece

Examine examples of real Ancient Greek pottery and find out what it was like to host a lavish Ancient Greek banquet. Then take part in a detective session in the museum to discover a host of artefacts that show the influence of Ancient Greek thought.


Become an archaeologist for the day by studying real artefacts and digging in our archaeology sandpit. Your session can incorporate one or more of the following topics: Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans (there is a ruined Norman castle in the museum grounds).


Go back in time to 16th century Walden with our selection of real artefacts and replica clothing. Learn to dine Tudor-style and find out what life was like in the time of Queen Elizabeth I.


Learn about the lives of children in Victorian times. Handling sessions take place in our Victorian schoolroom, where you will discover a range of real objects from Victorian schools and homes.