My Museum: Dorian Knight

My Museum shares the experiences of our staff, volunteers and interns of working at Saffron Walden Museum. Dorian is our Archaeology Collections Intern, working with us for 3 months.

“I came to Saffron Walden Museum following my MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and a curatorial traineeship in decorative art. However, I have always been fascinated by archaeology and the tangible and sensory link it provides to the ancient human past. The internship at Saffron Walden has allowed me to explore that interest.Dorian Knight

Over the past 3 months I have been searching through the archaeological archive, and finding collections and objects that are eligible for deaccessioning (the process of removing objects from the museum’s collection). I have researched and documented the provenance of these items, deciding on the best course of action for what those objects can be used for if they are not to stay in the Saffron Walden Museum’s permanent collection. This may include using the objects as part of educational resources and handling collections. Another alternative is to consider transfer of these objects to other museums where they may be more relevant. All these collections have been packed and stored in acid free tissue so they are safe and ready to be sent to their new homes.

I have really enjoyed my time at Saffron Walden Museum. Not only have I had the opportunity to handle and research some really amazing archaeology collections, but I have also an opportunity to develop my skills in other areas that I believe will benefit me greatly in the future. For example, I have curated July’s Object of the Month, an Iron Age vessel that has been heavily reconstructed by a museum conservator using cork. For me the beauty of this object lies as much in its careful restoration as it does in the original form. I have also gained insights into how archaeology fits into the museum’s education programme. This required familiarisation with the national curriculum and consideration of how archaeology collections can be creatively used to ensure their future enjoyment and appreciation.”