Current Exhibition

Worlds under Glass:
Adventures in Taxidermy

11 August – 23 September 2018

An exhibition exploring the history of Taxidermy from crude beginnings to Victorian heyday – science, decline and revival.

Specimen birdFor hundreds of years taxidermy has held a mirror up to our relationship with the natural world. From science to fashion it has been part of our culture for hundreds of years. The exhibition aims to explore this fascinating relationship through the display of The Museums impressive Natural History collection including many pieces not usually on public display.

The exhibition combines examples of taxidermy which could be considered crude in their technique, impressive displays of exotic birds, study skins, to modern examples of taxidermy which capture the character of specimens with incredible accuracy.

The exhibition offers the viewer a close view of a variety of fascinating specimens as well as a glimpse into the taxidermist’s art through a display of materials and techniques. 

Worlds under Glass aims to help viewers reflect on the subject of taxidermy and its place in our scientific, cultural and natural heritage.

Special thanks to Derek Frampton who kindly allowed us to film him working in his fascinating studio, photograph his tools and equipment and lent us a selection of glass eyes for display. There are examples of Derek’s work in the Museum’s collections and displays.