Current Exhibition

Fossilisation: a slice of the Anthropocene             

18 Sep 2021 – 20 Mar 2022

Fossilisation features original bronze and mixed media sculpture by acclaimed artist Kabir Hussain. Drawing on the concepts of fossilisation and preservation and accompanied by objects from across the museum collection, Fossilisation: a slice of the Anthropocene questions what traces of modern society might remain in the fossil and geological record thousands of years from now.
We are very pleased that Kabir’s original sculptures will be for sale throughout the exhibition period, with pieces available for collection once the exhibition has closed.

Kabir has exhibited at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, and completed various residencies across London and the East of England.  He is based near Woodbridge, Suffolk, where he combines his art with a career as a professional bronze caster, and educational work for students and emerging artists.


Saturday 2 April – Sunday 3 July 2022 

All Fired Up : a history of fire fighting in Essex

in partnership with Essex Fire Museum  (part of Essex County Fire &  Rescue Service)Visitors will be able to explore some of the fascinating stories of fire-fighting across Essex. The exhibits include a wide range of artefacts, photographs, uniforms and equipment which trace the history of fire-fighting from Victorian times to the present-day.  It will also feature private and works’ fire brigades, which were particularly prominent in Essex during the 20th century. 

Along with discovering some of the technological developments which have influenced fire-fighting, visitors will also be able to discover heroic stories of bravery and the human stories behind some of the major incidents which have occurred in the county’s history. The exhibition also touches upon some of the more obscure aspects of local fire-fighting history, including a troupe of fire-fighting scouts, a famous fire-fighting vicar and the story of how an obscure family pet caused a local mansion to go up in flames. 

Click on the links below for a brief overview of the exhibition  – a local fire-fighting timeline! –

  1. Coats of Many Colours: A brief history of Fire-fighting uniform
  2. Introduction to Early Fire-Fighting
  3. Victorian Fire-Fighting Timeline
  4. Easton Lodge (1847 & 1918) 
  5. Early 20th century Fire-Fighting Timeline
  6. The Great Fire at Little Chesterford (1914)
  7. A Brigade Second to None but often fighting a losing battle
  8. Mid 20th Century Fire-Fighting Timeline
  9. Post War and Mid 20th Century Fire-Fighting Timeline
  10. Rose & Crown Hotel (1969)
  11. Thanks & Credits